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We offer an array of services necessary to get your system installed, repaired or maintained. Whether it’s new construction, a tenant build out, deficiency repair, maintenance, underground, backflows, fire hydrants, fire extinguishers, alarms or frozen pipes, we can get the job done right from start to finish.

We also offer 24-hour, 7 days a week, emergency services!

Our team designs, fabricates, installs, services and inspects all types of fire suppression systems, supported by skilled engineering, per Code.

No job is too small or too big!

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Sprinkler Systems

As a growing leader in the fire protection industry, we have worked with some of the most prestigious and recognizable industries in the southeast. We have installed automatic fire sprinkler systems within a variety of markets, including industrial, universities, commercial, retail businesses, and residential housing complexes. Our team is prepared to respond to your needs within a moment's notice. Whether your system requires an inspection, service, repairs, or redesign, our goal is to meet and/or exceed all National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and standards.

An operable fire sprinkler system is the single most effective means of fighting a fire. An appropriate and code compliant system is determined based on structural requirements, geographical location, and internal equipment, chemicals and/or temperatures. We are available to assist you with determining the most appropriate system for your structure.

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Let us show you how Central Fire Protection ensures that your building is safely protected from structural fires.

Alarm Systems

Implementing a comprehensive and practical solution is the foundation of our expertise. Central Fire Protection's specialists will install and adjust your alarm system for optimal performance. Installing a fire alarm system is paramount in setting the foundation of institutional safety for assets and employees. Whether its installing, repairing or inspecting, we can assist you with maintaining a functional alarm system.

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Proper testing, inspection and maintenance of alarm systems can help save lives and property.


The Fire Codes currently require all fire suppression systems to be inspected annually, semi-annually, quarterly, monthly or weekly. Our inspectors are qualified to inspect all types of systems, as well as test fire pumps, backflow preventors, hydrants, hose valves, standpipes, alarms, smoke detectors and fire extinquishers. These thorough inspections will test and document pressure, flow, check holds, functionality and the complete operation of your system.

Additionally, the Code requires an “internal” inspection of all fire suppression systems every five (5) years and the testing of dry pendent sprinkler heads every ten (10) years. Our inspectors are also qualified to perform these inspections and tests.

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See how Central Fire Protection inspects all of your systems from semi-annual fire sprinkler inspections to alarm and smoke detection inspection.


Our in-house design team is well-versed in today’s ever-changing codes and stays current with the latest versions of AutoCAD and SprinkCAD. We have extensive experience in commercial, retail and industrial construction, including warehouse fire pumps, seismic bracing, and backflow requirements. All together, our design team has over 100 years of design experience, with NICET certifications reaching Level IV. Additionally, the relationships we have developed over the years with local fire officials has helped tremendously with getting drawings approved and getting inspections called in to meet the contractor’s schedule.

Central Fire protection service design team

Learn more on fire equipment and system parts.


Our in-house fabrication shop allows us to control our production to meet the schedule dictated by the contractor. Our fabrication shop is equipped with the machinery and skill necessary to weld pipe, thread pipe and fabricate hangers in our own shop. We also maintain a well-stocked inventory of material, which gives us access to most everything we need quickly.

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Learn more on how we fabricate and design each system.

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Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, Virginia, Mississippi, Missouri, and Arkansas.
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